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Taylor Fladgate Port announces the launch of the first ready-to-drink white Port & tonic in a can.

Taylor Fladgate Port was the first to produce a dry white aperitif port. Chip Dry White Port was first blended in 1934, since when it has acquired a devoted following throughout the world.

Recognised as the perfect Port to make a refreshing and elegant Port and Tonic cocktail, the moment has come to make it available in a stylish and convenient pre-mixed 250ml can. It’s easy to carry, versatile and ready to be enjoyed anywhere allowing new moments of consumption and reaching new consumers.

“Taylor Fladgate Port, well known for its innovation and pioneering spirit, whilst never compromising on the outstanding quality of its Port Wines has, over the years, always sought to broaden Port’s customer base, satisfying consumers’ needs. This has been a source of the success of our company since 1692. Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry & Tonic is the culmination of two years of work alongside the Port Wine Institute, which undoubtedly will help to bring more consumers to appreciate Port Wine” comments Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor’s. He adds: “People frequently ask me what’s the perfect ratio of a perfect Port and Tonic. That’s what we’ve done and by making our own special dry tonic water, adding a touch of secret ingredients we made the perfect example of Port and Tonic.”

For David Guimaraens, Taylor Fladgate winemaker: “This project was a challenge for the winemaking team to select the finest ingredients to blend with Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry, to guarantee the best balanced and the most pleasing and refreshing drink.” He adds: “The result is a delicious product, bursting with character, that will surprise and delight even people who are not familiar with this outstanding Port”

The ready-to-drink 5.5% abv, Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry and Tonic, the first Port & Tonic in a can is perfect for enjoying at home or alfresco in the park or at the beach with friends and family. The can is light, 100% recyclable, easy to carry and store.

The first pre-mixed and ready-to-drink Port & Tonic can will arrive in the market soon - in time for the summer - launching first in the UK, the USA and Portugal.


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