Recipes with Port

Lastest Recipe Cheesecake

The real baked American Cheesecake (not the fake frozen version!) with a tangy fruits of the forest and Port topping - absolutely delicious! Serve with a glass of Vintage or Late Bottled Vintage Port.

  • Preparation 1 hour
  • cooking 45 minutes
  • ready in 5 hours

Cranberry Sauce With Port

There’s nothing that goes better with your roast Turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas than homemade cranberry sauce with Port and this simple to make recipe gives an edge to your cranberry sauce that will have your friends and family begging for more!

Poached Pears

This refreshing, simple and very elegant dessert, perfect served with some thick cream or perhaps some vanilla ice cream.

Spiced Red Cabbage with Port

Red cabbage makes a colourful and tasty alternative to the ‘love-or-hate’ Brussel Sprout and this recipe adds a spicy new dimension.


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