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Taylor Fladgate launches VVOP - Very Very Old Port

Taylor Fladgate announces the launch of VVOP - Very Very Old Port, the latest in a series of limited releases of very fine and rare Ports.

Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor Fladgate, states: “Experiencing the Taylor Fladgate V.V.O.P. is a rare privilege. Drawn from Taylor Fladgate treasury of very very old cask-aged reserves, this V.V.O.P. confirms Taylor Fladgate’s place as a leader in the production of the finest cask aged Ports of great age.” and adds: “We are delighted to be able to share with port lovers world-wide this masterpiece of cask ageing.”

“The Taylor Fladgate V.V.O.P. represents the legacy of ancestral knowledge passed down from one generation to the next; the skill of Taylor Fladgate’s practised team of coopers, who crafted the casks and maintained them over the years; the expertise of the cellar masters, who cared for the wine during the decades in wood; and the art of the blenders, who have given the V.V.O.P. its exceptional balance and finesse,” explains David Guimaraens, Taylor Fladgate Head winemaker.

This unique blend is one of the oldest wines released to date. It is made from a selection of rare lots matured in wood in Taylor Fladgate cellars, some of which have been quietly concentrating to a magical quintessence since before the Second World War.

Taylor Fladgate Very Very Old Tawny is best served after a meal, slowly savoured as a dessert in its own right. However, given the wine’s incredible freshness, bright acidity and concentration it will also combine beautifully with the flavours of figs, almonds and caramel. A decadent crème brûlée or even some wild strawberries.

The Taylor Fladgate V.V.O.P. will be presented in a bespoke decanter and an elegant luxury wooden case and will be available in specialist retailers.

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