Taylor's Port Leads RoW 50 Index
Further confirmation of the potential of Taylor’s Vintage Port as an investment was highlighted  today in an article from the magazine Drinks Business, which reported on the growth in values of the wines on the ‘Rest of the World 50’ index.

Of the top performing wines on the index since July 2014, four of Taylor’s vintages appear in the top 10, taking first, third, fourth and seventh positions. 

Taylor’s Vintage 1994 took the lead, followed by Taylor’s 2011, 1997 and 2000 vintages. Widely acclaimed to be one the best vintages in the last century, the 1994 Vintage has increased by more than 41% since July 2014. Even at 13th position on the list of top performers, Taylor’s Vintage 2007 achieved more than 10% growth in value in less than a year.

The ‘Rest of the World 50’ index tracks the prices of the last ten vintages of five fine wines from Portugal, Spain, the USA and Australia. It is a sub-index of the Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 which tracks the prices of 1,000 top wines around the world and the best performing sub-index since May 2011.

Taylor's Vintage Ports Investment Values