One fateful day, a ship set sail for England from the east coast of America. Aboard this vessel, invisible and unnoticed, were a group of silent killers.

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With Christmas just around the corner, here at Taylor’s Port, our thoughts are turning to our favourite festive indulgences – which we’d love to share with you, so that your own culinary conc...

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Serving Port with pudding is a longstanding and warmly embraced tradition at Taylor’s. And little wonder. A gloriously indulgent pudding paired with just the right Port must surely be one of lif...

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Until the mid-19th century, the treacherous journey to Quinta de Vargellas in the wild, mountainous eastern reaches of the Douro Valley was made by only a brave few. And not all of them lived to te...

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Within the colourful and varied tales of Taylor’s is many an unsung hero. Just as the Port trade could never have developed without the barco rabelo, which carried the courageous sailors who ris...

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