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Buying Port as a Gift

A bottle of Port is always a welcome gift.  For example it makes an excellent present for a host and hostess as both will appreciate and enjoy it.  Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage is a good choice, a very high quality but very affordable Port from a single year which requires no special handling and can be enjoyed by the glass for several weeks after the cork is drawn.

As noted above in the ‘Special Occasion’ section, Port is a wonderful wine with which to mark a birthday or anniversary.  Taylor’s produces the full range of 10, 20, 30 and 40 Year Old Tawny Ports, which make superb gifts for milestone anniversaries.  Higher numbers can be covered by combining two different bottles, for example a 20 plus a 30 Year Old to mark a 50th birthday.

For the ultimate gift to the Port connoisseur, there is the Taylor’s Century of Port Collection.  This is a presentation box containing one half bottle each of Taylor’s 10, 20, 30 and 40 Year Old Tawny, adding up to a century of ageing in cask.  This unique collection demonstrates the evolution of a tawny Port as it ages in wood, starting with the round and jammy 10 Year Old and culminating in the sumptuous 40 Year Old with its wonderful mellow complexity and concentration.
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Late Bottled Vintage Port
Late Bottled Vintage was developed as a high quality but more affordable and immediately drinkable alternative to Vintage port to be enjoyed by the glass on everyday occasions. Read more about LBV {+}
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20 Year Old Tawny
In the 20 Year Old tawny, the fruit has mellowed further than in the 10 Year Old, and the spicy, nutty aromas of ageing are more powerful and intense. {+}