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Adding Port to Your Cellar or Wine Collection

Most Ports are completely matured in cask or vat before they are bottled.  They are ready to drink when they are sold and will not improve in bottle.  The main exception is Vintage Port, which will mature and improve in bottle for many years.  Vintage Ports are therefore the Ports of most interest to the collector as they will continue to gain in smoothness and complexity, and usually also in value, as they age in the cellar.

For long term ageing, Taylor’s Classic Vintage Ports are the best the choice as they are among the world’s most long lasting wines.

No serious wine collection can be said to be complete if it does not contain at least some Vintage Ports from Taylor’s or one of the other respected Vintage Port houses such as Fonseca or Croft. Vintage Port can be said to be the ultimate collector’s wine. Its ability to age is legendary and it will outlive most other wines in the cellar. Vintage Port also has another characteristic which is important to any collector: Its rarity. 
Vintage Port more {+}
1985 Vintage Port
Intense ruby colour, now just beginning to open out. Rich, complete, multidimensional nose, displaying elements of both youth and maturity. Aromas of ripe berry fruit, liquorice and butterscotch with scented violet notes. {+}
Single Quinta more {+}
Quinta de Vargellas 2005
A sturdy foundation of rich and potent blackcurrant, cherry and blackberry aromas interlaced with notes of apricot and plum. {+}