325th Anniversary

To mark Taylor’s 325th anniversary, we have joined forces with single-handed yachtsman and sea ambassador, Ricardo Diniz, to re-enact Taylor’s first shipment of Port.

In 1692, an important chapter in the history of Port began. Job Bearsley, an English merchant, travelled to Portugal to venture into the wine business, founding the company we now know as Taylor's. Today, it is one of the oldest and most renowned Port producers, and its Ports are considered amongst the finest in the world.

Recreating the history of that first Taylor’s shipment of Port to London, a cask of Port has been shipped from the quayside in front of Taylor's Port cellars, in Vila Nova de Gaia, carrying a limited edition of a specially blended Port to celebrate the anniversary. The boat unloaded its important cargo on the banks of the River Thames. Then as today, England still is the main market for Port’s special categories.

This historical voyage recreation happened in a yacht built in 1991 and named #Taylor325, that has just been fully restored and is proudly sponsored by Taylor’s.